Bricks arrive

Visiting the site at dusk yesterday I saw the rapid progress with the steel work has continued and it looks, by the end of next week, the main sections will be completed. See what you think:

Progress with the steel frame work mid April 2018

Steel framework of Ravenswick Hall mid April 2018

I noticed the first load of bricks had arrived so be interesting to see when and where they are going to be laid.

Bricks have arrived at Ravenswick Hall

Block work is also being undertaken around the steel framework of the small building at the north end of the main site which from the plans seems to be some sort of power room.

block work around power room

block work around power room


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  1. The guy on the gate told me yesterday that there was only another two steel carrying trailers due to come, the roads going to be closed to put the service & power in across the road

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