Sunday update

Apologies for lack of posts in recent weeks – work and a bout of flu has prevented me from checking on progress. Hopefully the therapeutic walk I took this morning down to the site will help see off the bugs and I’ll be back to normal very soon.

Here’s some pics of what I saw:

Pool House
Pool House roof rafters and brickwork on their way

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Final phase of development receives approval

Planning approval has been given for the following:

“Erection of a palm house and garden outbuildings within a walled garden, formation of a boating lake with depositing of resulting spoil evenly on adjacent land and erection of an associated boat house, formation of moon lakes, erection of a brick and stone bridge and two timber bridges over the River Dove, formation of a fenced deer park and associated site landscaping.”

The details below are adapted from the planning documents which can be viewed on the Ryedale District Council website/ planning. There you can view images of the different elements described but due to copyright they cannot be replicated here.

The boat house and the lake are located in the southern parkland area. The lake will be approximately 1.4 hectares on the left hand bank of the River Dove with the boathouse on the eastern edge of the lake. The existing public right of way will be detoured around the southeastern edge of the lake.

Measuring 6.5 x 6m the boathouse will have a wet dock, tea room and viewing terrace. It will be constructed in brick with stone keystones.

A new stone bridge will be constructed with vehicular access over the River Dove to the new lake. There will be smaller bridges for pedestrian access.

The location for the palm house, kitchen garden and store are to the west of main site, it is currently being used as a temporary car park. The new walled garden will be built with brick and sandstone dressing.

The palm house will be located on the southern edge of the walled garden with a terrace and views across the deer park. It will have a footprint of 200 square meters and be approximately 2.6m high. The northern elevation is attached to the boundary wall of the walled garden while the southern faces the sloping fields of the deer park and is glazed with decorative steel columns and trusses reminiscent of Victorian palm houses.

The deer park will have a 1.8m high metal estate fence, within a 1.5m deep ditch. Five moon lakes will be created on the south eastern side of the estate approximately 0.5m deep.

All the spoil that will be excavated from these developments will be re-distributed within the site principally in the field at the southern edge of the deer park resulting in a 0.5m rise in depth, contoured in alignment with existing slope levels.

I’ll keep you posted with any updates as and when I see developments!