Midges in the walled garden

As you can see from the images below McAlpine’s have cracked on with the walled garden removing vegetation, an old greenhouse and taking down crumbling sections of wall. Bricks have been salvaged where possible for re-use. While I was there, though workers were all wearing hard hats, the local midges were having a busy time judging by the arm waving going on. Hopefully they’ll have re-located once this becomes an outdoor swimming pool!

Ravenswick Hall Walled Garden Ravenswick Hall Walled Garden

Meanwhile midges would have been less of a problem on the other side of the road as the remains of the recently demolished lodge house were being gathered up creating quite a cloud of dust:

Ravenswick Hall demolition continues

Looks like work removing the slate tiles from the hall, due to take place this week, hasn’t materialised – perhaps next week – keep checking back.



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