Is it a bird?

Visiting Ravenswick today it suddenly sounded like a swarm of wasps was approaching. But this is January … and there’s snow on the ground! Not wasps then but what? Looking up I saw that for a change it was me that was being captured on film. A drone was circumnavigating the site – rapidly.

Drone flying above the Ravenswick Hall construction site

An operator was not immediately visible but I checked with the nearest workman who confirmed this was a McAlpine’s drone.

I was a little surprised but shouldn’t have been. Later internet research revealed:

In a survey of 160+ senior figures within the construction industry about their perception, usage and understanding of drone technology, a third of respondents were currently using it, and of those that were not, nearly 70% planned to do so in future.

The report goes on to say:

Its primary use is in photography and video, surveying, asset inspection and progress monitoring.”

Doubtless you too will get a buzz out of visiting the site, especially if McAlpine’s drone is aloft.

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