tractor tyre at Ravenswick Hall

No activity at the moment

While I’m sure there must be plenty going on behind the scenes in preparation for the building of the new Ravenswick Hall there is no evidence, as yet, of the demolition of the old hall. A recent visit a couple of days ago indicated some trespass as the security fencing to the farm yard opposite […]

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Old firehose at Ravenswick Hall

Beautiful decay at Ravenswick Hall

While we are awaiting work to begin on the development of the new Ravensick Hall there is the opportunity to capture images that will disappear once demolition begins. I hope you like the following photos taken today by the old boiler on a lovely sunny day at the hall:

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Brown long eared bats roost in here

Ecological assessors at work today

Detailed environmental impact reports related to the demolition and re-building of Ravenswick Hall can be found in the planning documentation on the Ryedale District Council website. They make an interesting read so do check them out under related Documents/ Ecological Assessment. Today there were several cars parked down at the hall and it turned out […]

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Old sign post pointing down in the direction of Ravenswick Hall

Local street furniture

The lanes that lead to Ravenswick Hall are quiet and leafy. At this time of the year they are arguably at their best with the vibrant green hedgerows bursting with early summer growth. The wild garlic, which is just about turning as the the leaf canopy above darkens the understorey, provides a pungent fragrance. Instead […]

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Agecroft Hall

Destruction of country houses in 20th-century Britain

The demolition of the existing Ravenswick Hall, to be replaced with a new version, actually follows a practice that has been taking place since the 15th century. An article on Wikipedia¬†provides is¬†insightful: The destruction of country houses in 20th-century Britain was a phenomenon brought about by a change in social conditions during which a large […]

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Swineherd Lane roadworks

Due to the size of construction traffic that will be passing up and down the narrow Swineherd Lane new passing spots are going to be created before any work begins. It is along Swineherd Lane that some small pockets of woodland and grazing land are found that are part of the Ravenswick Estate. (A swineherd […]

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Danger signs at Ravenswick Hall

Danger signs go up

When I was down at Ravenswick over the weekend a local contractor was putting up danger signs warning people not to trespass. This move is not surprising as the house has been extensively damaged in recent years since it was left unoccupied and will most certainly be a danger to anyone stepping foot inside – […]

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Ravenswick Hall Walled Garden now overgrown

Walled garden remembered

A neighbour of mine, Dennis, once worked as a gardener for Mr and Mrs Holt at the Ravenswick Estate and yesterday dropped off some photos for me. They show the greenhouse in the walled garden when the peaches and nectarines were in blossom and what a beautiful sight they must have been. He told me […]

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Ravenswick Hall

Ravenswick Hall today

Summary of Ravenswick Hall’s journey to today from Historic England: Ravenswick Hall developed out of a hunting lodge belonging to the Duncombe Park Estate. This was bought in 1895 by Harrison Holt, an industrialist who had established the British Oil and Cake Mills at Selby. He commissioned the architect Temple Moore (better known for his […]

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Kirkbymoorside Town Council approve Ravenswick Application

Kirkbymoorside Town Council welcome Ravenswick Hall application

The Planning Committee of Kirkbymoorside Town Council have welcomed the development proposals and hope that where possible local tradesmen and supplies will be utilised. It is also anticipated that there will be employment opportunites for people from the area throughout the development and with ongoing maintenance and management of the site in the future. Source

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