Ravenswick Estate houses under Holt family ownership? Not sure ...

The road to Ravenswick Hall

Thought it would be interesting for readers, who do not live in Kirkbymoorside, to take a trip up Swineherd Lane which leads from the town to Young Bank Lane where the new hall is being built.

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Gill Demolitions at work at Ravenswick Hall

A tidy site

With most of the farm buildings now down the materials are being sorted into piles ready for processing:

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Barn at Ravenswick Halwith walls and roof now removed

The demolition team

Bradford based Gill Demolitions have been contracted to carry out the demolition work at Ravenswick Hall and are currently taking down the barns opposite the hall. Established in 1954, they are described on their website as: one of the UK’s leading providers of safe, professional and environmentally friendly demolition services. The driving force behind the […]

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Ravenswick Hall walled garden wall to remain

Walled garden wall to remain

The lovely old bricks of the walled garden glowed in the early morning sunlight today. Although the old dilapidated greenhouse will go and eventually the garden will become the location for a swimming pool the lime mortared red bricks will remain. In The Magic of Britain’s Walled Gardens the article outlines the history, tribulations and […]

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New water pipes at Ravenswick Hall

Ravenswick Hall’s water supply

I nearly always meet an interesting person to chat to when making my almost daily sojurn across to Ravenswick Hall. Last night I met a neighbouring landowner who was also checking out progress. I asked him to confirm what I thought had been happening in an adjoining field – namely the laying of water pipes. […]

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New security fencing at Ravenswick Hall

Security fencing upgraded

It was a beautiful evening light as I wandered across to check on today’s developments. Gardeners are complainng of lack of rain with a non stop chilly wind also helping parch the soil. At 7pm it seemed to die down however and with a dark blue sky and bright sunshine the walk across the fields […]

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Brown long eared bat - source

Bat inspector back today

Staff from John Drewett Ecological consultancy were once more on site today surveying agricultural buildings for bats. These buildings are about to be demolished so remedial work will be undertaken if they are found. Several bat boxes have been installed in the woodlands surrounding the house. You can read about a previous visit to Ravenswick […]

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Wild garlic in Ravenswyke Wood

Ravenswick Hall woodlands

As well as the extensive Ravenswyke Wood which almost circles the house there are several small woodlands and fields that lie on the western side of Swineherd Lane (so on the left as you come up from the town towards the hall). It was a beautiful morning so I took some pictures of these fields […]

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David Cameron and George Osborne wearing hard hats

Men in hard hats can only mean one thing ….

9.00am and there’s several vehicles and men wearing hard hats ambling around. The way they peered across as I drew up made me think they were waiting on someone or perhaps they were just wondering who the heck was taking photos of them. Now you’re probably wondering at this point about hard hats? Well, anyway […]

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Garic Combi Cabin at Ravenswick Hall

The first portacabin has arrived this morning

The modern portable building, or “knock-down” building, was first developed by United States firm Porta-Kamp in 1955. The first portable building under the trade name Portakabin was developed in 1961 in York (UK) by Donald Shepherd. The “Portakabin” spelling with a ‘K’ is a trade mark owned by Shepherd Building Group’s Portakabin Ltd[4] and used […]

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May 2nd when Old Ravenswick Hall will start to be demolished

It will all start on May 2nd

This morning two men were busy walking around the site deep in discussion. I interrupted with a query about when the hall was going to be demolished and one of them said: It will all start on May 2nd. He then said I’d be getting a letter informing me about developments along with other residents. […]

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