Planning notice for temporary car park at Ravenswick Hall

Permission for temporary car park sought

With the initial temporary car park being developed for the staff houses vehicles have shifted across to the main site. Obviously this can only be short term so the field at the junction of Swineherd Lane and Young Bank Lane now has this planning notice: Currently a grazing field it will presumably have the top […]

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Snow at Ravenswick

It was a bit bleak down at the site today. The workmen looked well-wrapped up but it couldn’t have been much fun contending not only with the mud but a chill wind that brought with it snow. The forecast for the next month doesn’t look like things will improve but with the evenings getting lighter […]

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Ground preparations for staff cottages area at Ravenswick Hall

On the other side of the street

Or in this case Young Bank Lane. Quite a lot has happened on what was the site of the farm buildings, do you remember? Here cottages are going to be built and it looks like the foundations have gone in: The largest of the staff cottages, for the estate manager, is furthest away with all […]

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Cleaning the road

It’s a messy business building a house

Especially in winter … and on this scale. Check out some of the equipment being used: These vehicles can and do make a muddy mess of the road but luckily the team are on top of that: A quick scrub up and all is good for local residents and traffic.

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Drone flying above the Ravenswick Hall construction site

Is it a bird?

Visiting Ravenswick today it suddenly sounded like a swarm of wasps was approaching. But this is January … and there’s snow on the ground! Not wasps then but what? Looking up I saw that for a change it was me that was being captured on film. A drone was circumnavigating the site – rapidly. An […]

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More portacabins at the Ravenswick Hall building site

Surge of portacabins

Suddenly there is a very real sense of activity at the site; more cars, more workmen and definitely more portacabins. It came as a bit of surprise to see these appear: My walk up Swineherd Lane from the town today had followed a couple of days of rain and so it was good to see […]

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Latest pictures

After the recent snow: And a couple taken yesterday afternoon when the workforce had left for the weekend: I just noticed that the old pump house (pictured below) has now been demolished.

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Site visitors asked to report to gatehouse at Ravenswick Hall

Gatehouse installed and fencing going up

Latest developments are fenced screening being installed on the site: and also a gatehouse: with instructions: I have been asked, on more than one occasion, not take photos of construction staff working on the site. Though I am completely within my rights to take photographs from a public road and will continue to do so, as […]

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Groundworks now quite extensive at Ravenswick Hall

Groundworks continue

Site works are moving along rapidly now with a large workforce and heavy machinery in use. An overnight deluge was causing a great deal of run off along Swineherd Lane but when I got to Ravenswick there was plenty going on: Looks like some temporary fencing might be going up. Pipeworks being laid which will […]

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Workers reclain bricks in the walled garden at the Ravenswick site

The hall is gone

Finally, after months of preparation and the odd false start, Ravenswick which was a small homestead in 1740 then greatly extended in 1910 to become Ravenswick Hall, is no more. A convoy of lorries take away materials that cannot be recycled. Workers meanwhile continue to reclaim as many old bricks as possible from the walled […]

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Ravenswick Hall demolition continues

Midges in the walled garden

As you can see from the images below McAlpine’s have cracked on with the walled garden removing vegetation, an old greenhouse and taking down crumbling sections of wall. Bricks have been salvaged where possible for re-use. While I was there, though workers were all wearing hard hats, the local midges were having a busy time […]

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Bat barn Ravenswick Hall

Big changes happening

When I went down to site yesterday there was an noticeable difference: Before: After: Talking to Richard, one of the McAlpine site managers, it was hoped that some of the stone could have been used from this building that was ‘restored’ by the previous owner but it turned out to be of poor quality. It […]

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