Ravenswick Hall demolition continues

Midges in the walled garden

As you can see from the images below McAlpine’s have cracked on with the walled garden removing vegetation, an old greenhouse and taking down crumbling sections of wall. Bricks have been salvaged where possible for re-use. While I was there, though workers were all wearing hard hats, the local midges were having a busy time […]

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Bat barn Ravenswick Hall

Big changes happening

When I went down to site yesterday there was an noticeable difference: Before: After: Talking to Richard, one of the McAlpine site managers, it was hoped that some of the stone could have been used from this building that was ‘restored’ by the previous owner but it turned out to be of poor quality. It […]

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Developers portacabins at Ravenswick Hall

Work begins anew on Ravenswick Hall

After a summer break which gave the bats time and space to raise their young the last couple of weeks has seen the contractors moving back on site. Local residents were alerted to this by signs of road closure on Swineherd Lane. Chatting to a couple of workmen this was for the creation of passing […]

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Ravenswick at night

All quiet at Ravenswick Hall

After the noise and demolition of recent weeks there is quiet now at Ravenswick Hall which I’m sure the roosting bats will enjoy. There will be no more activity until the autumn so this blog have a short break over the summer and leave you with this lovely image by jackdylanpreston who posts on Instagram: […]

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Panoramic shot of the Ravenswick Hall building site

Work come to a stop now … I think

I cycled over to Ravenswick this evening to check on progress and it looks like all is ship shape with work halted, at least for a while. Here’s a panoramic shot of the site, slightly grainy due to the low light level, but it gives you an idea: I’ll keep checking, the exercise is good […]

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Demolishing brick wall at Ravenswick Hall

Demolition is not all big machines

Sometimes it’s slow and possibly painful. Today several workers from Gill Demolition were taking down the wall at the front of the house, brick by brick. Although plenty shattered they are trying to save as many as possible and this means taking it down by hand. Salvage value of old bricks like these is about […]

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ravenswick 001

Ravenswick Hall in the 1970s

Annabel Holt, who used to live at Ravenswick Hall, dropped off some photos of the hall taken during the 1970’s and is happy for these to be shared on this website. The lawns in front of the house always had lots going on during the summer months, including a visit from Richard Whiteley: Dogs and […]

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Gazette & Herald coverage of Ravenswick Hall demolition

Coverage in the Gazette & Herald

Following an interview last week with reporter David Mackie an account of the halting of the demolition of Ravenswick Hall has appeared in the Gazette & Herald. As recent pictures taken at the site reveal the house is now boarded up until the autumn when I’m told work, permits allowing, may begin again.

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Ravenswick Hall boarded up

Ravenswick Hall boarded up

Following the discovery of roosting bats under the roof tiles of the hall, which was about to be demolished, ¬†work now seems to have stopped. Vandalism has been a problem in recent months with the derelict house a magnet for local children. It’s not surprising to see that windows have now been boarded up. Will […]

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Ravenswick Hall demolition

Demolition continues

But not the main house. Visiting today the red brick wall has been partially demolished as has the squash court immediately behind: This will make viewing the demolition of the main house from the road much easier when it does start in the autumn. You can view the architects drawings on the Ryedale District Council […]

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Work halted at Ravenswick Hall

Demolition comes to dramatic stop today

The discovery of nesting bats under roof tiles of Ravenswick Hall, which was about to be demolished, has meant all work has had to be stopped. As a protected species no disturbance can now take place until at least October. Staff from John Drewett Ecological consultancy were called after several bats flew out when some […]

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Timber being stripped out of Ravenswick Hall buildings

Preparations being made to demolish the hall

A section is being taken out of this building in front of the hall: in order to allow vehicles removing materials to deposit them for sorting across the road where the farm buildings have already been demolished. One of the Gill Demolition team told me all the red brick is going to be palleted and […]

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