Big changes happening

Demolition sign at Ravenswick Hall

When I went down to site yesterday there was an noticeable difference:



Talking to Richard, one of the McAlpine site managers, it was hoped that some of the stone could have been used from this building that was ‘restored’ by the previous owner but it turned out to be of poor quality. It will be ground up and used in the foundations for the new hall.

The old barn:

Bat Barn

will have a new exterior and roof but the interior will remain the same and bats will be encouraged to continue roosting here.

The next two weeks will see the slate roof removed from the hall during which the ecological consultants will be present to ensure that any bats present can be safely re-housed.

Ravenswick Hall will then be demolished, again it should take about two weeks. Thereafter the focus will be on preparing the ground works and installing all the necessary services. Actual building work will probably not begin until next year.



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